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“Being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” – Princess Diana

It’s 1997 and Lady Di and Dodi Fayed are a hot item. He’s a wealthy heir to a multi-billion dollar fortune and she’s a former princess. They are stars of the press.

Dodi and Di are on vacation in Paris and Dodi tells friends he is going to ask Di to marry him. He makes a reservation for them at the trendy restaurant Benoit. When they arrive for their reservation, they find the entrance is blocked by a mass of paparazzi. Dodi and Di wave, giggle and smile to the cameras as they leave with the press at their heels.

They return to their hotel along with the paparazzi they collected at Benoit. Dodi and Di push and shove their way through the crowd of photographers and enter the hotel’s restaurant, Espadon at The Ritz. Their chauffeur parks the car and proceeds to enter the bar across the street.

Di and Dodi enter Espadon and all conversation in the room stops. All eyes are on Di and Dodi. As Di eats her asparagus and mushroom omelet appetizer followed by Dover sole with vegetables tempura, she continually nods and smiles to her fellow diners.

In the awkward silence of the meal, Dodi pulls a large diamond ring from his pocket. The silent room erupts in whispers and people stand at their tables for a better look. Di takes the ring and continues to nod and smile as Dodi waves away dessert and calls the chauffeur to bring around the car.

The paparazzi jump in their cars and follow Di and Dodi’s Mercedes as it leaves the Ritz. The traffic light ahead turns red and everyone comes to a stop. Dodi’s chauffeur rolls down his window and shouts over to the paparazzi, “you won’t catch us!” Di and Dodi laugh and wave as their car pulls forward. The chauffeur accelerates, running the red light and heading toward the tunnel ahead at 120 mph.

Stunned, the paparazzi sit at the red light and watch as Di and Dodi’s car swerves out of control and smashes head-on into a concrete support post.

Fifteen minutes later, a French physician stumbles upon the scene of the accident and is shocked to find that no one is helping the victims in the car, “I found Diana unconscious but moaning and gesturing in every direction. There was the whirr and click of paparazzi camera, like little guillotines, everywhere.”

The Last Supper

Asparagus and Mushroom Omelet Appetizer
Dover Sole with Vegetables Tempura

Princess Diana